Furniture Designer


Location: New Delhi, IN

Salary & Details

Salary: Up to 9 LPA
Experience: 2-3 years
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Monday – Friday

The Brand

A design house focused on global recognition for Indian furniture design, specializing in minimal, playful pieces with organic forms and metal products, and catering to various sectors with expert craftsmanship. Featured in prestigious magazines, it stands for quality and innovative storytelling through design.

Skill Set

A Furniture Designer must possess proficiency in CAD software and have a keen eye for detail. They excel in conceptualizing, sketching, and prototyping furniture designs, considering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Strong knowledge of materials, manufacturing processes, and industry trends is essential. Effective communication skills, teamwork abilities, and a passion for design innovation are also crucial for success in this role.


The responsibilities of a Furniture Designer include conceptualizing and creating furniture designs that align with client requirements and market trends. They conduct research on materials and manufacturing techniques, create sketches and prototypes, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure designs meet quality standards. Additionally, they may oversee the production process and provide guidance to junior designers or manufacturers to ensure the realization of their vision.