Jr. Architect


Location: Noida, IN

Salary & Details

Salary: Up to 10 LPA
Experience: Minimum 5 years
9:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Monday – Friday (alternate saturdays working)

The Brand

The Company fosters an interdisciplinary design culture through projects, workshops, and talks. It tackles diverse challenges in product, interaction, visual communication, architecture, and urban design. Projects employ varied design processes like research, thinking, detailing, and execution. The team comprises designers, engineers, and global students, mentored by industry experts for innovative insights.

Skill Set

As an innovative architect, the position entails shaping and communicating architectural visions to align with project and organizational goals. Collaborating with design teams, providing technical expertise, and interacting with clients to understand their requirements, delivering customized architectural solutions.


As an architect, responsibilities encompass leading project teams, providing architectural expertise, and ensuring design coherence. Collaborating with clients to understand requirements, presenting solutions, and overseeing the implementation of architectural standards are key aspects. Mentorship of junior architects, fostering innovation, and staying abreast of industry trends contribute to shaping and maintaining high-quality architectural practices.